Friday, May 06, 2011

i and I - constant dialogue

oh yeah
I see you're here too;
maybe you can tell me
just what happened.

did you just decide one day
to get lost?
did you hate me when you left?
and whoever in the world
said it was all up to you?

tell me what you did
what you saw - what you said
and where you went.
did it scare you?
did it make you shrivel up inside?
Jesus, man,
you stupid stupid man -
whoever in the world
told you to go alone?

you left me bereft,
unutterably alone and angry,
a prisoner out of time.
don't talk to me yet,
you'll get nothing but static from me...
I don't think I love you anymore.

just sit there,
you sex-crazed
ego-behemoth asshole,
while I figure out what to do with you.

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