Sunday, September 23, 2007


whispering to you in the silence
as the moon gives its slow gleaming
to the walls, the blankets, our bodies,
I tell you of all the times
I might have saved the world
but for the absence of control
the inability to organize
the realization of weakness and
such implacable impossibility.

your face on my chest
your hand cradling my head
as I say these words
your leg gathering moonlight and shadow
stirring and collecting it,
moving it to a place
where songs begin -
you cover me with it finally
moving so softly that the silence never stirs -
brushing my face with a kiss after my story
of the battles I've fought for sanity,
you tell me you love me,
the sound escaping from your perfect lips
like some song no one's heard before;
you tell me you understand
you tell me I'm a good man,
as you touch me and a feeling comes around us
like a blessing
and I give myself to you
and the light and the shadows.

as breathing slows and we separate
only far enough to see, to focus
on eyes and lips and not lose contact
with the places where songs begin
you whisper in silence
in softness you tell me of dreams
and fantasy fulfilled
and the final realization that all wishes come true
that we together could save the world
if we wanted,
while your hair under my hand
feels like a child's
and I can't stop myself from saying
"I've never loved another,"
and you laugh all low and small
and put your lips on mine -
your lips to mine you say,
"of course you haven't,"
and we laugh in through past the contact
neither of us wants to break.

moonlight and shadow and our truth
our hearts open and gathering
harvesting - mixing and taking
from the folds of the night
bodies all at once
our hearts so open
to the reality of our love
our words, the strength in our eyes,
the urgency of our touch as we sing
amazed, amazing songs of reaching, releasing,
the rediscovery, finally,
of rightness and beauty,
this is beautiful
this is right -

then we drift together in the very comfort
of bedrock, absolute reality of ourselves,
the indescribable oneness, something so sane,
a feeling like a blessing,
a thank you sentence in a book,
a gratitude that
this is where we've always been
this is where we stay
as long as we will
as long as we can
replenishing, returning to
you and I here
hearts open to moonlight
to shadows
to the folds of the night.

(for everyone in love, with love)

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suzy kohlmeier said...

"for everyone in love, with love" is, well, lovely. I just love the poem, Perry.